Twinkle's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: twinkle

Discord Name And Tag: twinkle#6296

Discord ID: 797731904392396822

Ban Reason: Mute evading

Why should we unban you? Hi, i just wanna apologise for my reckless behavior that day. I was going through a phase in life and I just couldn’t handle it. I wont discuss that particular topic ever again and i wont repeat the same behavior. I just wanna hang around with my friends and talk with all of them and try to be happy again i guess… I hope you’ll understand and give me a chance :slight_smile: im truly very sorry smh.

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

I have reviewed the ban details and since you don’t have any serious previous punishments we have decided to give you a second chance. Please be aware that if you get banned again you will not be given a third chance.

Ban appeal Accepted

Have a nice day
goofy3319 | Helper Justice

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