Vortz's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Vortz

Discord Name And Tag: VortzPlays_#7940

Discord ID: 654825015661035530

Ban Reason: Raiding

Why should we unban you? Before I start, I would like to apologize for what I did, I can assure you that what I did, will not happen ever again. So let’s get into the details…

I have been banned from the Discord server for “Raiding”. So what I basically did is, you know from time to time, quizzes will appear in the chat and one of them is guess the word (Ex. m-------e) and basically you have to type a word to earn a bit of rewards.

As a joke, (I did not mean any harm to anybody nor to the server), I searched up all the words starting with “m” and “e” and having 9 letters and copy-pasted all of them as a reply to the bot. I know it was very dumb. (Don’t worry, I didn’t copy-paste all the words + there weren’t that much of them). I then quickly deleted the message (which would be a smart move in this situation) and then I completely forgot about the situation, I chatted around, played Mineland did my stuff until 4 whole hours passed. 4 WHOLE HOURS (literally). And then I got banned for raiding. That situation happened in the morning, and now I’m sitting here, it’s already dark outside, writing this. I am very sorry for what happened, and I promise that it won’t happen ever again. Thank you very much for reading this

Proof: Click Here

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Hello there,

In your case instead of sending a single word (which is how the bot only detects the answers for said game) you decided to mass send one message flooding the chat and breaking our rules. Also after reviewing your logs we’ve found you’ve been constantly breaking the rules on top of raiding which itself is considered a big violation.

Appeal denied.

Have a nice day,
LucyTheLucifer | Helper Justice