Xfox_yttt's Ban Appeal

User Name: Xfox_yttt

In-Game Name: xfox_yttt

Ban Reason: account sharing

Why should we unban you? im sorry for joking my pass to every, and I’m sorry to appeal again, I need appeal because I spend a lot of money on it, I can’t lose it because I love mineland, I’m sorry I don’t refer to rules and I referred again and know all rules, I miss mineland I want to play my friends all days, and I don’t have any games play. I’m sorry to make mineland worst,but please can I have my chance this my first time to break this rules, I need to make my world to be good and make people like my world on c+, I’m sorry. please give me 1 chance if I do it again ill let you all moderation’s team ban me. i promise and vowed never to breaking the rules again.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes


your ban is true however… Therefore idt ur gonna get unbanned (just an opinion)

plus if u didnt wanna get banned WHY distribute ur password smh

He didn’t he said it as a joke it wasn’t his real password

thats still not allowed

also dont make vows u cant keep cuz i can guarantee within 30 days of ur unban (if with the 1% odds you get) you will be banned again

  • this isnt the first time this happened

He got unbanned okokokoko

Dear @Xfox_yttt,

After me taking to some discord helpers I have deemed that the punishment was valid. However, The discord helper I talked to has said that he may give you second chance. Also, note he will investigate your case than take any action. Therefore, I pray for best and hope you get unbanned. Nevertheless, Read rules to avoid such punishments in future.

Thank you and have a great luck :crossed_fingers:.

Happy shoulder break to me,
Imperator | opgamerXYT

Excuse me? This thread was resolved a long time ago and now we have this new character. Also, “discord helpers”? What are you talking about, this is an in-game report meaning it is the moderators not the dc helpers.

Discord helpers because they can contact to in game mods.

… Oh I get it, because the last time you joined Mineland was like 69 years ago.

this event got solved like 2~3 months ago. Also why u talk like ml staffs? You aren’t ml staff

Ye bro all that matters xfox has been Unbanned then quitted mineland :smiley:

L, xfoxx_ytt made a discord server doing giveaways in roblox. That’s funny

Bruh :-/ that is not the reason i am vertanof ml but in my old i ID

Veteran? That doesn’t justify for your last login date.

L C’mon stop i have decided to quite talking in forums anymore please stop! messaging/ replying me

I only seen you here and on discord since 3 months ago.

What? Did I say that? I already know that you had quit that moderator being thing.