📖Tutorial First time in Creative+ / part 2 / Basic information about your world


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Here is some basic information about Creative+ you need to know before you start making your game.
(Tip: Click on images in tutorial to enlarge them)

Well if you have chosen to create Flat world you will get this:2021-07-08_20.22.35.png..2021-07-08_20.23.57.png

Your world will be created with 4 layers covering whole surface of your world in X and Z axes.
First layer will be bedrock on level Y0, on levels Y1 and Y2 will be dirt blocks and on level Y3 there will be grass blocks.

⛔ You can't place blocks bellow bedrock (level Y0).


and if you have chosen Void world type you will get this:..2021-07-07_18.02.38.png..2021-07-07_18.10.57.png

Your world will be created with stone platform on level Y4. Size of platform is 17 x 17 blocks.
Since platform is on level Y4 you can place blocks 4 levels bellow it. As you can see on second image I have placed 3 wood planks on levels Y1, Y2 and Y3 and sponge blocks on Y0.
I wish to say thanks to that player who decided to help me with my tutorial by jumping all around ;)(y).

Building height of your world is 256 blocks. Starting from level Y0 and ending at level Y255.


Width and length (X and Z axes) of your world depends on your in-game rank.

These are sizes of worlds for every rank:
Player without server rank 6 x 6 chunks (160 x 160 blocks)
Gamer 10 x 10 chunks (160 x 160 blocks)
Skilled 14 x 14 chunks (224 x 224 blocks)
Expert 18 x 18 chunks (288 x 288 blocks)
Hero, YouTube, Helper, Support and Imperator 22 x 22 chunks (352 x 352 blocks)

When you have created your world and entered it you will see on your right side of screen scoreboard with your world ID number (players in game refer to this as "world ad", for example if someone asks you: "What is your ad?" or "Give me your ad" they usually mean your world ID number).


Another way to view your world ID number is in world settings.
There you can also see statistics of your world like number of likes and number of world's unique visitors.
Right click while holding compass named World Settings in your hand or type command /world and GUI World Settings will pop up.
Hover your mouse cursor over paper at bottom of GUI and there you will see your world ID.


Keep in mind that compass World settings is only available in build mode. In play mode or coding (dev) mode you can use /world command.

In next part of this tutorial there will be more about World settings.

This tutorial was made from perspective of player without any server rank.
If I have stated something that is incorrect please notify me to make necessary corrections.
If you would like to suggest something to make this tutorial better msg me or send mail in-game.
Be always happy and honest to yourself and others.
Play on MINELAND server.
Best regards from Ezolile
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