Become a discord helper

Apply for Discord Helper

  • 🛡️ Do you hate trouble makers?
  • 🥇 Are you a Discord Veteran ready to enforce the rules?
  • 📘 Do you want to help new players find their way?
  • 🛡️ Do you want to be a role model for your fellow Minelanders and set a new standard?

❗ Before applying you should make sure that you meet the following requirements (IN DISCORD)

  • 13 or older.
  • Must have been active in the past month.
  • A clean history. (not required but preferred)
  • No other application currently in. ( Only 1 application at a time)
  • Good knowledge of the server's Discord rules as well as Discord's TOS.
  • No In-Game and or Discord bans in the past month.
  • Fluent in English.

❌ Main reasons for denial of Applications

  • Lying and or copied answers.
  • Being staff on another server.
  • Not meeting the requirements.
  • Bad reputation.
  • Asking staff to review your application

✅ Tips for the Application

  • ✓ Make sure you use proper punctuation.
  • ✓ Proper grammar is always a huge help in making you come off as professional.
  • ✓ Elaborate on your application.
  • ✓ Refrain from having short answers unless its a short answer question.
  • ✓ Be truthful on every aspect.
  • ✓ Avoid plagiarized answers.

Hurry up! The Applications may close at any minute. Apply here

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