A guide to setting gui items

Below will be the terms I use

ItemVal(numeric value). If it doesnt have a (x) behind it, that means the item will not need to have a specific line or is the first / only item value.

OgItem. This will be the original item you set for the “ITEM” thing in the gui
FinalItem. This is the final item you will set for the “DYNAMIC VARIABLE” thing in the gui

Step 1: setting an item.
You will place an iron block. Click the first item in the right click gui and click the item that says ‘SET ITEM’.
Value 1: %player%-ogitem(Save:false). Value 2: the item you want to change (must be a physical item). if you already have a variable item, skip this step and plug that variable item into step 2

Step 2: I will be doing a player specific ITEM NAME for this example. Therefore it will have %player%'s axe or %player%'s head.

Part 1: Combine the text:
Set variable (combine text):
put your player value inside of it. Eg:
Spacing: space. %player%-prefix(dynamic variable), %player%&7’s statistics

Part 2: Set item name / description / add item description / set count, etc

Output variable: %player%-finalitem(save:false)
Argument 1 (item you want to change): %player%-ogitem(dynamic variable)
Argument 2 (modifier): %player%-itemname(dynamic variable)

Part 3: put item in gui

PLEASE REMEMBER guis start at 0, not 1. Remember not to count the first slot in the gui as 1 but instead, count it as 0.

Set item in container.
Location: Location of the gui on a location variable
Position in chest: (anything between 0 and 53)
Dynamic variable: %player%-finalitem(dynamic variable)
Item: %player%-ogitem

*sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language *

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