Guide on how to make a timer

So u want to make a timer for ur game right?
1.So firstly place a loop block(emerald block) then name it by right clicking with a named book and remember the name
2. then place select object(purpur) block and choose random player in it
3.then place variable (iron) block and select increment variable and take a variable (magma cream) and name it I’ll take sus here and increment by 1 by placing a number indicator(slime ball) named 1 SAVE THE VARIABLE by shift right clicking it
4.then place if variable(obsidian) and select compare number in left side place variable sus(magma cream) and in right side insert any number indicator(slime ball) that you want ur timer to have duration of ex 60 sec then put a slime ball named 60 on right side
5. Then place set variable inside if variable and in that set var insert ur saved variable on top and a slime ball named 0 on bottom (just one)
6. Now last step place a if player block(diamond) on the start of another line of code select join game then place a game action(nether brick) block and select start loop inside the chest put the name of the loop that you choose i chose sus then i will put a book named sus
loop completed of any time you want this will work just perfect if you want to announce smthing like don’t forget to /like or this is my discord server etc if you want to test if it works put a send message all inside the if variable or any other function like clear ground entities or resetting a mine etc
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I liked this because of ezezeez not because of the guide

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thanks :smiley: im trying to get guide make role was this good or u want any changed i try to make guide everyday from now on xD

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