Help repass password from my premium account please!

last i play on this account last year, and i remember password. I think with this account was a gmail,but no. Do you can a help? I have a Hero. My old nickname: Mr_Odealko and me new nickname: hoh

Oh my god with that bad grammar i dont think anyone can help you

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Ok you have comitted multiaccounting forget getting your acc back you get 10 yrs of ban

Ops. Sorry for my grammar. I can rewrite everything.

I have not logged my account for about year, and account has a Hero. I started playing mine again, but i obviously forgot my password. I remember that email was attached, but server wrote no. Can you help me with this? Maybe you need more information?

Well, did you try login and see a code sent to your email? If no, then perhaps try ask others to renew your account