[GUIDE] @rankset (player) (rank)


May 19, 2023
this guide is for games which have many owners, co-owners , developers who wants their rank changed every day to something
just do like
@rankset ezezeez nub
and his rank will change to nub

first step in doing this is setting rank of the player in his variable

player chat event - if player name equels (add the names of players you want to allow to use this command here) - variable action split into elements ( First slot ( RANKSET( array) second slot ( chat message ( apple variable) third slot should be empty) - if variable equals ( RANKSETඞ0(VAR)RANKSETඞ0 = @setrank(book)) - select player name equals ( RANKSETඞ1(var)) - set variable ( %player%rank(saved var)= RANKSETඞ2) - send message default( RANKSETඞ1(var)'s new rank is RANKSETඞ2) - send message selected ( your new rank is RANKSETඞ2)

now the second part is to implement this rank in chat

player action chat event - if variable exists ( %player%rank(saved var)) - if variable not equals ( first slot %player%rank(saved var) second slot 0( book)) - cancel event - player action send message all &4[&6%player%rank(saved var)&4] &b%player% &8>> &fchat message(apple var)

if you demoted someone and want to remove their rank just set their rank to 0

hope it helps