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Big Bandar
May 20, 2023
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Let's stand together for justice and support Aalus! It's kinda sad that he was banned from the Discord server following an incident with @15crystalX. We all make mistakes, but it's important to learn and grow from them.

Aalus had his share of challenges, facing depression and struggling with alcoholism. Despite these difficulties, he managed to overcome them. Finding comfort in the Mineland server was a good step for himi but it's so unfortunate to hear that he faced insults from other players, like - "Oh hey nerd" or "anoobus is back". Let's remember that we all have our ups and downs, and supporting each other through difficult times is what makes a strong and compassionate community. Unity is the strength! Together, we can build a positive space for every players where people like Aalus are given a fair chance to grow, enjoy, rise and DOMINATE. #JusticeForAalus
Not open for further replies.