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A good deal

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by xPancakex, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. xPancakex

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    Jul 14, 2018
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    In-game name::
    ->My Requirement?-- A [Gamer] Rank
    -> What will you get?
    1. A spotify premium
    2. A Minecraft premium + link to the cracker
    3. 20+ subs on ur YT channel
    -> Why am I doing this?
    my Parents wont buy me a rank :(… So I have other stuff for exchange.
    -> Is this Legit?
    Yes I have tested and used these and I will guarantee u will get 20+subs
    ->are you sure you will do?
    Yes, first I want u to take the picture of the transaction and plus I will check if I got the rank, then by next day u will get ur stuff mentioned above. It is legit, I do giveaways in discord server so far not even a single complaint.

    For more info contact me on discord xPancakex#6542
    -> Why This post Should not be deleted?
    Because if staff deletes this, no one will see this deal and wont buy the rank, the server wont get that amount of money.
    -> how to make purchase?
    Type my in-game-name and u will see a list of ranks. select [Gamer] and choose your mode of payment

    My in-game-name;- xPancakex
    my discord Id;- xPancakex#6542