Forums Update (Style, Design & Patches)

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Our forums is back again and better than ever! Lets inform you of the updates we've made.

Forums Redesign
I'm sure this have been clearly noticed till now, but we've changed the whole design of our forums. Our forums style was last updated in 2018, but we've seen that many of you complained about how much that style fried your eyes, therefore, we've changed it all to a way more modern design, taking every single bit into consideration!

System Rework
We've changed how our report system work in almost all the forums, new system for reporting rule breakers, translation errors, and bugs. Everything is organized now and easier than ever for you and the staff! We've created multiple guides around the forums to explain the new system, feel free to check them out.

Discord Integration
You don't like checking every 15 minutes to check if someone replied to you yet, right? We thought so, therefore we've integrated Discord in our forums.
Please check to link your forums & Discord together, you'll be getting notifications in Discord without needing to check forums again!

That's not all! We've also made many small fixes to issues we've had in the forums in a while, like the issue of CSS (styles) failing to load sometime in forums. Email verification system not working and many other small patches to make your experience the greatest on our forums!

What will happen to the old design?
From this moment, we've officially dropped support on the old design. Although to keep our old tradition going on, we'll still allow our members to change to the old style, although you might experience a lot of issues doing so, we highly recommend to keep using our new design.

We would like to issue special thanks to @FileExplorer and @ShriyansGaming on their help!
That's all from us for today, hope you liked the updates we've released.
Mineland Administration Team wishes you a great day! ❤️


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.