File a complaint

Found a hacker/Cheater or a rule breaker? Alright, give us your evidence and report here. Then we can bonk the rule breakers!

✅ Some tips before reporting a player in the Forums:

  • By reporting someone, the player is NOT assured to get punished, the staff team checks your
  • provided proof and takes necessary actions based on it.
  • Only report in the Report Rule Breakers Section.
  • You may not try to threaten or provoke the staff, as it won’t be tolerated.
  • You may not tell/bug a staff member to check your report.
  • This is a guide for Server-Based Reports NOT DISCORD
  • For Cheating/Hacking reports, we only accept videos.
  • You can use /report (player) (reason) in game to report someone if you don’t have proof.
  • We don’t accept chat reports (2.1/2.4/2.5). You may report those only In-game
  • As Reports are very formal procedures, please try not to use abbreviations and/or emojis.
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