ban bug without using hacks

i am constantly being banned by hacls without even using hacks i already spoke to a mod on the discord server and he advised me to send this message here

Hello there,

I can suggest you to use 1.12.2 for exact detection of the System. This means that the game system is compatible by default on version 1.12.2.

Try looking in your minecraft folder (./minecraft) where you store your resource packs or store shaders. There is a folder called “Version” look there, not that you accidentally installed a hack client. It may cause the system may have accessed your version control & check not using hack clients recourses.

If found, please delete it. If not try playing on the vanilla version ( 1.12.2 ) without using modified clients ( Lunar, Badlion or similar), the clients sometimes have bad behavior on the system. On the other hand, you have to report the bug on gitlab if it so on.

DJMahirNationTV | Moderator