Can't log in my account

Good evening, I can’t log in my account. I have wrote my password, but it’s get wrong.
Excusme, but I now my password. And it was wroted in my notes on PC.
My account: Penitration.

P.S. Please, don’t answer “It’s your problem”

Good afternoon!

You need to buy “Restore Account” and write in ds server and in the section “assistance-required”. They will help you there

Double check if you wrote your username correctly, double check if you’re entering your password correctly (e.g. in the correct language). If you have a linked e-mail, you can simply change your password using the /changepassword command in-game. If you have a linked Discord/VK/Telegram account, you can get a working password by messaging the bot the “account restore” command. If none of the above helped, contact our server support via Discord here.

Tester² De_Mira

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