Dynamic Variables not working with placeholders?

Imagine this line of code:

[COLOR=rgb(84, 172, 210)]Player Action ( [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]Chat event [COLOR=rgb(84, 172, 210)]) > [COLOR=rgb(251, 160, 38)]If Player ( [COLOR=rgb(243, 121, 52)]Message Equals [COLOR=rgb(251, 160, 38)])[COLOR=rgb(243, 121, 52)] [COLOR=rgb(251, 160, 38)]{ “@Test” [COLOR=rgb(251, 160, 38)]} >[COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)] Select Object ( [COLOR=rgb(85, 57, 130)]Random Player [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]) > [COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)]Set variable ( [COLOR=rgb(204, 204, 204)]=[COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)] ) { “variable1”[COLOR=rgb(204, 204, 204)] =[COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)] “%selection%”[COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)] [COLOR=rgb(204, 204, 204)][No Spacing][COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)] }

You’d expect that after typing “@Test” the variable “variable1” would be set to a random player’s name, but actually nothing shows up =/.

I have tested this in my world and you are correct. Placeholders do not work when you use Set variable (=) code like this.
I guess that Set variable (=) code is only reading value (text or number) and does not read value of placeholder.
Result of this line of code in my test was variable1=%selection% as a text not as player name.
Instead of Set variable (=) code you can use Set variable (combine texts) and you should get desired result.
And also you can use Set Variable (Combine texts) = “variable1” > “%random%” without using Select object (Random player) code. But only if you need just players name without selecting it.
I was alone in world when I was testing this. Try it with more players.