Report maskevicdanilo(uk) for Rule 3.1 - Cheating by MrCrayV

Your In-Game Name: MrCrayV

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: maskevicdanilo(uk)

Gamemode: Bedwars

Rule Broken: Rule 3.1 - Cheating

Proof: maskevicdanilo cheat proof - YouTube punished

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Dear @MrCrayV,

We appreciate your sharing of the gameplay recording with us. After carefully examining the material, we can state that it is enough to bring the reported player into disrepute. We consider every report to be important, and we value your efforts in supplying us with the required proof. The player in question has been subject to the proper disciplinary process by our team, and they will soon receive a ban.

KT07 | Moderator.


I love how msg structure code is dumber than mini mods

Its higher vocabulary, probably difficult to understand ^^.