What is mislead how to identify it

So like i see most of players in creative chat doing funny things like tricking others to belive that someone sent them a msg using /r or they punish some player for absurd reason etc

I do them too
But aren’t we all misleading other people?
So how accurate (in cc) should the punishment or a pretend msg look like to be considered as mislead?
And do i have to post proof here too?
Can they be punished if they do it only one time

And most of their msg start from same letters like
Ezezeez >> creative creative creative
So is that also spam if they do it more frequently

Just asking cuz they are funny to me but after some point its annoying

Never someone got banned for mislead until today

Pls a experienced mod answer after discussing with senior mods

Okay so,

My opinion is also same but the answer might be that the messaged sent by players can’t be really real there will be errors in their actuall message. Also, it should not be mislead it should be ‘9.2’ as normals players can’t do it only rank holders are allowed to make colour chat. But this clearly only my opinion.

Hm I’ll wait 5 days more than ping staff