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Jan 27, 2024
Greetings, dear players.

For the last six months, the collector faction has been implementing the Beta project, the purpose of which is to fix grammatical errors in collectibles from 2017-2024 years. Today, we're ready to announce the completion of this project.
(Click to go to the entire project description) <------ This text is clickable (!!! in Russian !!!).

To begin with, I would like to tell you what exactly has changed in many collections (more details are in the document above):

  1. Rebalancing (bringing enchantments/attributes of old collectibles under current norms) of some old collections (2019-partially 2023) has been done;
  2. All the collectibles are now marked with their rarity to avoid misunderstandings and deceptions when trading (not all the collectibles have the color of the name corresponding to their rarity);
  3. Restored the functionality of 2017 and 2018 cases. (Everyone who had old 2017 and 2018 cases can open them now.);
  4. Implemented translatability of 2019-2021 bosses and their loot tables. (New bosses have had this feature for a while now.);
  5. Restored the chronological order of collections released to make them correspond to the correct year;
  6. Collectibles that are obtainable from bosses now are indicated from which boss they drop (It also indicates how many total items can be obtained from the boss).

Now, I'd like to answer questions you might have:

1. "If collectibles are rebalanced, does that mean those we already own with old enchantments will be taken away?".
- No. The changes made during the rebalancing process only apply to new collectibles. Those that players had - will remain with the players.

2. "How do I distinguish new items from old items?"
- We have implemented a specific mark ( Ⓡ ) in the collections where the most changes have been implemented. This mark means that the item is obtained from the updated cases.

3. "Item prices will devalue, and the essence of collecting will be lost because the cases will be on sale forever!!!!"
- No. The old cases in the links will NOT be in the store. The sale is a temporary rare event. Old cases won't be available for sale anymore, as it was with many 2019-2023 cases before the Beta project was implemented.

4. "Why was there a need to implement the project in the first place?"
- The decision to implement this project was made due to the fact that there are more and more players on the server every day, and some of them are collecting items with interest. But unfortunately, items from the 2017-2018 collections are fewer and fewer, and their prices are sky-high. Our goal is to let every player fulfill their collection to experience what collecting is all about.

Also, many items in the old collections had errors (Bandit's Cloak, Maple Wreath, Anomalous Downcoat, etc.), which have also been corrected within the process of this project.
All detailed information about the changes (list of changed items, screenshots of changed items, screenshots of new items, etc.) can be found at this link (!!! in Russian !!!).

Important! Most items will temporarily lack translation! No need to worry; it will be automatically fixed soon.

Thank you for your attention!
More to come!
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