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May 20, 2023
Ive seen many random dudes explaining why the mineland Server is inactive. However, at the end of the day, they just spit their own opinions. I, however , have decided to mention all the possible reasons behind the “Death of Mineland”. To all the moderators, administrators, and helpers, if you are reading this, please continue to do so.
History: In the past, thousands of players used to play on the Mineland server simultaneously. When I first joined the server, during that time the server had a very small player base (When I say ‘small’, I mean, Very Small!). The server reached its peak in 2020 when covid 19 was dominating and so was mineland. However, currently, barely fewer than 800 players are active on Mineland

Problems with Mineland,
= I won't act like those "smart" players. What do I mean by "Those players"? I've seen the word "P2W" being mentioned several times in almost every single "Why Mineland is dying" thread. Players bring out the 2 gamemodes: Bedwars and Skyward and call them "P2W" because of the 'kits and 'perks'. Bro, it completely depends upon the player. I have like a million silver but I've never bought kits/perks but I, not gonna lie, have no problem with that at all! It completely depends upon skills. Ah ok let's bring out the major reasons behind the "Death of Mineland".

Many players can relate with the fact that most of our old friends were online 1 or 2 years ago. The reason behind that is:

"You are already connected to this proxy"


"Network is unreachable"

"You've been disconnected as a bot"

(If you know, you know)

= Now, what's else? Well, the sensitive punishment system! Basically, although most of the players do not play in the Mineland server, they are still a member of the Mineland discord server. Unfortunately, the sensitive punishment system of Mineland is the main problem. When you make a mistake, for example, impersonate a player because you don't know that we cannot impersonate a player as it is not mentioned in the rules section (hi @15crystalX mate!) , you get custom banned. And the fun fact is, when you appeal, you get a "Final Chance". Bro, due to the "final chance" you have to watch every single word of yours before you send it in discord. This removes all the joy that we used to get before we were banned, and if you make a mistake again, boom! You won't get unbanned anymore. Yes, I am talking about myself.

Another very important thing that I would like to point out is, tutorial! Now I understand that mineland had already made several tutorials like how to use function blocks and variables. But! When arrays were first added to Mineland, the server never really made a tutorial on "How to use arrays?", as well as "How to use World Events?". Those are very important for coding. To those who don't know how to use them, there's nothing they can do nothing (unless they decide to learn everything about coding). You might say that we can call players for help, well no one has helped me so far in coding if we don't include some "Pay gold and I will code for you" ones and those players who think they are too smart and who quickly /leave if the code fails to work and /ignore the player who asked to code.

= At the end, I would like to say that Mineland is a really good server, until the problems that I mentioned earlier comes into play.
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May 6, 2023
Hello Bandar @aalus_1 ,

Thank you for your Feedback about this Server. The Admins/Owners will review it. We will tell all the possibilities asap, when we can do something about it.

Wish you a good day a head!
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