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Section 0. Introduction

Rule 0.1 By registering, you agree to the rules of the forums on which you must obey.

Rule 0.2 The administration has absolute authority and their opinion takes precedence. They have the right to either forgive the punished, punish the disobeyer, or lengthen a punishment given to a disobeyer.

Rule 0.3 Repeated violation of the forum rules will result in the doubling of the previous punishment.

Rule 0.4 Under circumstances in which a user deems their ban unfair or incorrect, they may appeal by heading to one of the 2 available discords we have English Discord or the Russian Discord and contacting a Sr. Moderator, stating your reason of appeal and why you’ve been banned.

Section 1: Account

Rule 1.1 Using an account that meets the following conditions is considered forbidden:
  • Contains names of other Minecraft servers.​
  • Imitates staff ranks.​
  • Contains swears, insults, or racist and foul words.​
  • Contains more than 10 random characters.​
  • Inappropriate Profile Picture, Profile banners and signatures.

* Punishment: Permanent Forum Ban

Rule 1.2 Making alternative accounts or alts is forbidden.

*Punishment: Permanent Ban of the Alt or if the Main has been found bypassing the issued ban double the time of ban

Rule 1.3 Selling or transferring accounts or items for monetary units is forbidden. Attempting to conduct such transactions is also forbidden.

*Punishment: Permanent Forum Ban

Section 2: Posts

All rules under this section apply to posts, threads and post replies.

Rule 2.1 For the purpose of comfortable communication, all forum posts shall be legible or be able to be read.

*Punishment: 5 points

Rule 2.2 Using foul and profane language, swears, and insults is forbidden.

*Punishment: 5 points

Rule 2.3 Advertising other servers or links not related to Mineland is forbidden.

*Punishment: 50 points

Rule 2.3.1 Forum spamming is forbidden. A post is considered as spam if it meets the following conditions:
  • Contains advertisements not punishable by Rule 2.3.​
  • Contains links to malicious websites.​
  • Contains abusive and unwanted information.​
*Punishment: 50 points or permanent Ban

Rule 2.4 Excessively using caps and repeating words, letters, or characters is forbidden. The maximum limit for the usage and repetition of such is 6 characters long. Exceeding the maximum limit will be considered a violation.

*Punishment: 5 points

Rule 2.5 Begging for items, privileges, ranks, and others is forbidden.

*Punishment: 5 points

Rule 2.6 Exhibiting racist views and using sexual or explicit terms are forbidden.

*Punishment: 40 points, may be elevated to a ban

Section 3: Forums

Rule 3.1 Encouraging other users to violate the rules or abuse the server gameplay is forbidden.

*Punishment: 50 points

Rule 3.2 For the sake of organization, posting threads in the wrong section is forbidden.

Transfer of the thread to the proper section

Section 4: Privacy & Security

Rule 4.1 Sharing personal information of other users is forbidden. Please share your private information in the forums AT YOUR OWN RISK! Even if you do claim or the information you provide is your owns, you may be punished.

*Punishment: 50 points

Rule 4.2 Encouraging suicide or self-harm to other users is forbidden.

*Punishment: 50 points, may be elevated to a Ban

Rule 4.3 Hacking of user accounts is forbidden. Attempting to do so is also forbidden.

*Punishment: Permanent Ban

Rule 4.4 Making any forms of threats to other users or players in the server is forbidden.

*Punishment: 50 points

Rule 4.5 Distributing information about any bugs, glitches, dupes, and exploits is forbidden. If you have found an exploit or someone has contacted you about one, please inform the Core Staff on Discord including as much detail as possible.

*Punishment: 75 points

Section 5: Moderation

Rule 5.1 Providing faked or forged evidence in reports against other players is forbidden.

*Punishment: 50 points

Rule 5.2 Making false ban appeals in an attempt to troll or annoy staff members is forbidden.
This also conforms to the rules of using "ChatGPT" or AI's/External documents that you can copy and paste into the ban appeal!

*Punishment: 40 points

Section 6: Punishment system

Reaching these amounts of points will result in the following punishment:

40 Points ➜ Silenced for 3 days
50 Points ➜ Silenced for 2 weeks
75 Points ➜ Silenced for 1 month
100 Points ➜ Silenced for 3 months

Warning points given to your account will expire after 1 month. Please be advised that the staff may issue punishments without a warning or increase/decrease the warning points given out if it is justified.

If you believe we missed a rule that should be added to the current list, please contact a Core Staff member on the server or by sending a direct message on Discord.
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