How to NOT create a game. [Part: 1] [GUIDE]


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Jun 2, 2023
1. Choosing a BAD color theme

-> Having a color(good) throughout your game makes it look good and polished and is always a nice thing to have. I've, we all've seen those flashy colors choice taken straight out of 2010 and slapped on the scoreboard or some messages, it looks disgusting... I mean just having a decent White-grey or Bold-yellow text is enough to make it look a lot better. Please, visual aesthetics can make a HUGE difference. Next time whilst making some text to send or making a socreboard don't forget to have a good color scheme.

2. Overlooking visuals

-> VISUALS. ARE. NECESSARY. example: You have an healing area, if they stand near it they regenerate. Why not try adding some ambient particles? The green particles coming out of it or using the Totem pop particles around that area would make it look good. You can display information about something using holograms rather than using a book. Sound effects, Holograms, Particles, & etc. All this things are the special ingridients in making a polished game. They engage player to have a good experience while playing your game.

This is part 1 of the series "How to NOT create a game". If this post reaches certain amount of likes and player response, part 2.
This guide only consists of 2 point but they are essential and important to consider. Not something one should overlook while making a game.

Thanks for reading till end & i hope it makes sense to you <3
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