New member
Jun 13, 2023
Guess who gonna come back next 9 days (☞°͜ʖ°)☞

➽ im gonna tell how i get banned :
Will in a day when i was playing caseopening i was saying that its hard to get money by breaking blocks so i thougth if i downloaded a mod tha make me break faster gonna be a good idea i thougth that mods are allowed i download the mod test it and it work and that why i get ban for cheating i didnt know that mods not allowed i Thougth mods are allowed like infinity item editor

➽ i miss the server so mush and ally friend i know that im not gonna see them because it been a long time but ill make new one + im exited to make new games

🔴 just 9 DAYS for unban waite there 🙂