My honest rating on mineland.

Sep 15, 2023
I like the server but, there are too much problems to deal with it. Moders muting or banning players for no reason, too many toxic players and trash games. I tried finding a VERY GOOD ad but there isnt. In the past, it was so good, but now its worse. This server is becoming Pay to win server. I have bought imperator, i also bought for ItzZahin too. Mope222 griefed my world, then someone, then KingKiller. IF YOU THINK IM JOKING, NO! I play mineland for bedwars and creative+. If i chat, i get muted. I GOT TOO MAD CUZ AFTER MY 16 HOUR MUTE ENDED, WHEN I SAID AAAAAAA, I GOT MUTED FOR 1 DAY AND 8 HOURS! DAMN IT!!!! Please, make a auto-mod, if we break a rule, the auto-mod will give a warning, if the player breaks too much, then he will be muted. i rate this 3/10..