Suggestion related to c+


Big Bandar
May 20, 2023
I have a suggestion related to Creative+: When we create a world in Creative+ we must code spawn protection to avoid the possibility of getting banned due to rule 6.2. but coding spawn protection every time we create a world can be really annoying. In my opinion, C+ games should include a default 3x3 spawn protection by default with a visible outline made of a random blokc so that players notice the presence of spawn protection or simply add a toggle option to enable/disable spawn protection



May 19, 2023
Good suggestion aalus. This would be very useful not just because of annoyance of coding it also because of reducing possibility to get banned since in last few months there are moderators that are lurking around creative waiting for someone to make mistake not coding spawn protection so they can punish him. Once I saw player got banned for 6.2 rule and he joined to Mineland day before. He did not even know how to make a world let alone coding something. I am not sure if it is because of spawn protection he got banned but I can assume that it is since moder was on a banning spree these days (mostly spawn protection bans). Unfortunately my internet connection broke before I had time to prepare him for this possibility and show him some basics he needs to code in order not to get banned.