Top leaderboard using Arrays.

Howdy, this is a thread regarding top leaderboard. This implemented code is using arrays.

Player event( Join) -> If variable NOT exists( %player%_arrIndex(saved)) -> Increment variable( GlobalIndex(saved)) -> Set variable( %player%_arrIndex(saved) = GlobalIndex) -> Insert element( arr(TopLeaderboard(saved)), index = GlobalIndex, Value = "0, %player%")

Player event( Kill) -> Increment variable( %player%-kills) -> Combine text( "%player%-kills kills by " + "%player%", %player%-combined-text) -> Replace element( TopLeaderboard, %player%_arrIndex, "%player%-combined-text") -> Call function( Leaderboard.Refresh)

Function( Leaderboard.Refresh) -> Sort array( *descending*, TopLeadeboard, TLBsorted(saved)) -> Get element( TLBsorted, 1, Top#1(saved)) -> Get element( TLBsorted, 2, Top#2(saved)) -> Get element( TLBsorted, 3, Top#3(saved)) -> Create hologram( TOPLB, var(Top#1, Top#2, Top#3)

# Player Join Event
Player event(Join) -> If variable NOT exists(%player%_arrIndex(saved))
    -> Increment variable(GlobalIndex(saved))
    -> Set variable(%player%_arrIndex(saved) = GlobalIndex)
    -> Insert element(arr(TopLeaderboard(saved)), index = GlobalIndex, Value = "0, %player%")

# Player Kill Event
Player event(Kill) -> Increment variable(%player%-kills)
    -> Combine text("%player%-kills kills by " + "%player%", %player%-combined-text)
    -> Replace element(TopLeaderboard, %player%_arrIndex, "%player%-combined-text")
    -> Call function(Leaderboard.Refresh)

# Leaderboard Refresh Function
    -> Sort array(*descending*, TopLeaderboard, TLBsorted(saved))
    -> Get element(TLBsorted, 1, Top#1(saved))
    -> Get element(TLBsorted, 2, Top#2(saved))
    -> Get element(TLBsorted, 3, Top#3(saved))
    -> Create hologram(TOPLB, var(Top#1, Top#2, Top#3))

This code isn't fit for a large scaled game due to array size limitations & load. This is my implementation using arrays and can be found working in /ad oshot(hope so). There is another method w/o arrays and involves comparing player kills var to top 1,2,3 if they aren't in top 1,2,3 and set them as top player if there kills are more than them.

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