updates for making mineland better


New member
Jun 13, 2023
i have few suggestion for u mineland:
1) Plz can u add kb bcz kb will make server to find hacker easily and will combo
2) Plz add (Peacefull mode) , (Normal Mode) and (insane mode)
a)put (leather armor, wooden sword or stone sword and nor mal food like cake ,chicken) in peace full mode
b)put (chain armor protection 2 or 1 , iron armor and iron sword sharpness 1 or 2 and food like golden carrot, beef, moten) in in normal mode
c)put (Iron armor protection 2 , diamond armour protection 2 and diamond sword sharpness 1 or 2 and food like golden apple, porkchop, regen potion 2 for 30 sec)
this will make people to have fun and there will be less lag
3) also to make islands in skywars closer bcz we bridge sometime it laggs and we fall so plz make maps closer
4)also to remove bots which make much and much laag