Creative+ How should I save coding space? And Why?


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Jun 22, 2023

How should I save coding space? And Why?

Coding space is one of the key essentials when you're creating a big game. There are 23 availablecoding floor image
lines and 44 blocks in each line. For an un-ranked player, one coding floor will cost about 1000 gold or more, so why waste your space?

I've seen many newbies unknowingly using their coding space. What if I told you, that you can save gold or maybe even money by using the same line for codes using the same events?

For example, the first picture is how I see many newbies code. It can be compacted by using the same line as they are all inside the same event (as shown in the second picture). Multiple lines can be saved by compacting your codes like this. Thereby, allowing you to add more function and features to your game without wasting too much gold.


Yes, using separate lines helps you organize your code and makes it easier for you to find, but there are different solutions to this problem too. You can colour code your codes using coloured shulker boxes in order to mark specific codes.

Functions can also be used to save up space. Whenever a code needs to be repeated, do not make multiple events with the same code. Instead make a function, name it, and call it whenever needed.

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Jun 2, 2023
use function for repeated action so that you can save code blocks(space after the diamond block where you put your code action blocks or asjdasrj)